What is “The Christian Scholar”?

The Christian Scholar is a site to aid homeschooling families in their quest for better curriculum.  There are many possibilities for curriculum but most of them are costly.  The goal of this site is to give students of all ages high quality curriculum at no cost.  All the materials on this site are free.  Many are under copyright, but they are available for free on the internet.  The first course we’re showcasing is economics.  It is an 18-week course with readings and audio lectures each week.  Over time other courses will be added (the next one will be a government course), but economics is one subject that especially needs to be understood from a biblical perspective, which brings us to why The Christian Scholar exists.

Education has regressed over the last two-hundred years.  This is not only referring to falling standards (which are not the main problem), but rejecting the the Bible as the light that illuminates all subjects, from astronomy to zoology.  True wisdom must begin with the fear of the Lord, and we can’t forgo that fear just because we come to a subject other than theology.  When men seek to study creation (and all subjects within it) apart from the Creator, they will naturally arrive at idolatrous conclusions.

The study of these subjects, beginning with economics, is from as much of a biblical perspective as possible.  It’s important for parents of potential students to know that many of the writers in these courses (and the creator of this site) believe that God is sovereign over all of life.  We seek to know His will in every subject we study and apply it as best we can, whether it’s economics, government, history, literature, science, or anything else.  With that understanding, feel free to browse the site and read whatever interests you.

 Advanced Study

Beginning in the summer of 2012, we will be accepting students for advanced online tutorials in the subjects offered.  This service will allow students to  have bi-monthly audio conferencing with the tutor, opportunity to participate in online student forums, and have their essays and projects evaluated by the tutor.

Tips for Educators

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